American Music Volume 1

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Today, American music is such commonplace globally that we often forget the origins of some of our favorite genres. We explore Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop in this box. These genres do not encompass the whole of American Music, but they are genres that have sustained the test of time and have impacted the way we all consume music. 


You do not have to drink these wines in any specific order. We have ordered the wines based on the genre, so choose the wine that fits your musical mood at the moment. (Note: most of the music will focus on earlier decades)  Party Line is a bi-monthly box created with the intention of having you sit with the wine and music while enjoying your own company or that of others. This is all about presence, so sit and sip awhile. 


Guardians, Kakheti Rkatsiteli (2020)

Georgian wines are the OG’s of the wine world, but they are rarely given the same appreciation as their western counterparts. It’s time to change that and how we think of pop. Popular music spans every genre and is just a reflection of mainstream tastes. Today we would consider hip-hop popular music where as decades ago, it might have been rock or disco. And while pop spans the genres, a few things that tend to stick out Pop is focused on instant gratification quick beats with addictive lyrics. The ease of wine reminds me of a good pop song. It’s not overly complex, but something about the composition makes you keep coming back for more. Like Georgian wines, these pop songs have withstood the test of time here’s a sample of popular music from the ’50s to ‘80s.

  • Jailhouse- Frankie Lymon (The original singer behind Jailhouse Rock)
  • Son of A Preacher Man- Dusty Springfield
  • Beanie and The Jets- Elton John
  • Layla- Derek and the Dominos
  • Off The Wall- Michael Jackson 
  • Master Blaster- Stevie Wonder



Lagar De Darei, Dão Vinho Branco (2019)

Rock is a massive genre, but for this bottle specifically, Rock exemplifies the balance that can come from solid structures such as acid and fruit. In this bottle, there is no competition between flavors as with these three songs; each relies on the grounding of a guitar and the harmonizing of the vocals. What’s left is an in-body experience that leaves you feeling replenished but simultaneously at ease. 

  • California Dreamin’ - The Mama’s & Papa’s
  • Time of The Season- The Zombies 
  • Hey Joe- The Jimi Hendrix Experience



Bojo do Luar (2020)

Jazz Is like no other genre, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard to think about how to pair and communicate why this wine fits so well with the genre, but I will attempt to do so. Jazz is intuitive. Only talented musicians who have rigorously studied their predecessors can effortlessly improvise to create what feels like a movie score. I recommend starting this wine out chilled and then letting it warm a touch. This wine is so expressive aromatically nostalgia of spring blooms mixed with melons. When you taste this wine, the zippiness should remind you of the staccato notes of Miles trumpet (in Stuff) that seem to be battling the snare and simultaneously in concert with the cymbals.  Coming off the heels of Miles, Sun Ra chiefs our focus from the abundant acidity and aromas to the undernotes that come out once the wine warms. Here we get to enjoy the fun of the wine as the juicy fruit takes up space, hinting at notes of hibiscus. Like the genre, this wine showcases the flexibility of rosé when created by someone who understands its full potential. 

  • Stuff - Miles Davis
  • The Lady With the Golden Stockings- Sun Ra



Alfredo Bertolani, Reggiano Lambrusco Secco Non-Vintage

The Blues is all about the bass, the “walking bass.” A note is played on each beat of the bar as it goes up and down the scale. Your ears hear this grounded repetition of rhythm, also known as syncopation. As someone who grew up in Chicago and Memphis, TN, you cannot talk about the Blues and not know B.B. King's name. Whenever I drink Bertolani and Lambruscco in general, I think of the Blues and BBQ. Something about the smokiness of brisket and the raspiness and sultry sounds of the Blues just goes. This wine hits the perfect balance of cherry fruit with a creamy mouthful, and the slight sweetness means it can handle spice and Etta! Etta James, the unofficial queen of Blues, uses her voice to match the classic blues melody with a lyrical longing that makes you feel like you lost a great love. This rhythm often makes us dismiss the complexity and layers it takes to make such a melody, and in this, Lambrusco and the Blues have much in common. 

  • The Thrill is Gone- B.B. King & Tracey Chapman
  • I Would Rather Go Blind- Etta James 
  • When Love Comes to Town- B.B. King & U2



Carl Ehrhard, Blanc de Noirs Spätburgunder Trocken Rüdesheim

Hip-Hop is one of the most exciting genres, the origins of Hip-Hop are all about survival and expression. Rooted in the struggles of Blackness across the Americas, hip-hop was and still remains a rule-breaker, crossing genre boundaries and pulling inspiration from jazz, soul, funk, reggae, and rock. What you see is not always what you get when it comes to hip, and this blanc de noir (white wine made from red grapes) is a great representation.  The heavy influence of bass and drums in hip-hop gives an easy-to-follow rhythm with a tempo that often crescendos at the height of the MC’s lyrical showcase. Here the sea-like acidity mimics the crescendo with supportive peach and nectar notes. The low alcohol balance the wine so that it’s refreshing. The artist of the early hip-hop era why this genre has become a global sensation for making one's voice heard with style.               

  • The Breaks- Curtis Blow
  • Ain’t No Half-Steppin'- Big Daddy Kane
  • I’m Bad - LL Cool J
  • Bad Sister- Roxanne Shante



Laroque, Cité de Carcassonne Cabernet Franc (2019)

Rhythm and Blues is nostalgia or anemoia, (nostalgia for an experience you’ve never had) wrapped in sound. From the classic Motown vibes to the sensual vibes of Prince and Sade, R&B is a vibe and mood setter. So it seemed only fitting to pair it with an OG varietal, Cabernet Franc. This bottle can go with just about any meal; the versatility comes from the mix of body, aromatics, and fruits. This trifecta, like R&B, can only be mastered through the production process. When we think of R&B, we don’t generally think of electronic music, but that influence gives us the pitch corrected vocals and drum-machine beats. I suggest a light chill on this bottle; it will accentuate the silky tannins and the lushes voices of this category. Let this one breathe a little bit as you two-step and sway. I may have got a little carried away in this section so expect to be dancing.

  • LA-LA - Delfonics
  • Be Thankful for What You Got- William DeVaughn
  • Inner City Blues- Marvin Gaye
  • Memory Lane- Minnie Riperton
  • Clouds-Chaka Khan
  • Erotic City- Prince
  • Stop to Love- Luther Vandross
  • Square Biz- Teena Marie
  • Nothing Can Come Between Us- Sade
  • Sweet Love-Anita Baker