A Bi-Monthly subscription that looks to make wine drinking a musical experience. 

More  than just a wine box curated by 1-800-Ash, subscribers get access to playlists, art & other 

visual assets to evolve the wine drinking experience at home to be something more. 

More fun, more delicious & more socially engaging.

Do I have  to  subscribe ?

Not at all.

Subscriptions will help guarantee you a box as the wines selected are often in limited quantities.

We also plan on doing *at least* two limited edition boxes per year. These will be more niche-focused & tie into an occasion we want to celebrate. Subscribing to Party Line gives you first option to purchase these.

How much is  Party Line ?

Party Line will cost $200  (plus shipping & taxes). For subscribers yearly and half-yearly subscribers, a discount will automatically be applied.

Our launch box (on sale Monday) will be discounted to $175 (plus shipping & taxes) for six bottles as well as all the content & collectibles that make Party Line much more than just a wine box.

What makes  Party Line  special ?

It's 2021, anyone can get 6 bottles of wine delivered to their door. For 

1-800-Ash it's about curating an experience and a personal catelogue.

Music tells a story, it transcends restrictive language barriers & taps into the human part of all of us. 

We use our playlists as way to talk about wine in a manner that everyone can understand & enjoy.

Why  Party Line ?

Wine drinkers deserve the chance to escape the stuffy coded & western-centric language tasting notes that have held it back for centuries.

1-800-Ash wants to curate that chance. Pop a bottle after work or with friends while music plays that y'all can vibe to. 

If you wake up the next day & want to know *why* you loved that wine, every box will have a stack of accessible information online to revisit whenever you like

​​Why Music ?

Music is the great connector. Wine has always had access issues. Some of those barriers can be attributed to price and production, but the language of wine is also quite intimidating and class-based. Drinking should be fun, and one thing that brings us all together is our love of music, even if our tastes are incredibly diverse. 

By shifting from a palate-based perspective to a musical perspective, we allow the consumer to choose the depth of knowledge they wish to gain, ranging from pure enjoyability to music theory simplified as a road map to learning their wine tastes. Taste is profoundly personal and cultural. We are simply curating to help consumers find what they enjoy tasting; the why is extra!

When Will My Order Ship?

Party Line is a bi-monthly subscription. The boxes will ship on the 15th (unless it's a weekend. It will fall to the next business day) of the following months: January, March, May, July, September and November.